Turnout Gear Washing
Cleaning, Repairs and Alterations


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While firefighters are expected to tackle many life threatening situations they would never go into one of these without first checking their air packs. At Turnout Gear Washing we do precisely the same for turnout gear; inspect it, test its flame retardant integrity, and make sure the firefighter is protected to the high quality NFPA standards. Turnout Gear Washing provides specialized attention to details washing, inspecting and repairing turnout gear.   

To keep turnout gear in good working order with regards to NFPA we have to pay special attention to the maintenance of this gear. This is our business and we are good at what we do. Turnout Gear Washing has certified experts in our industry and as a result of our direct sales approach we are able to offer competitive pricing to our customers. Any turnout gear that is shipped to us will be returned to the owner as good as, if not better than new. NFPA guidelines are adhered to at all times and as a certified third party company, we adhere to all NFPA and leading manufacturer specifications. Our staff at Turnout Gear Washing are all trained and certified by leading manufacturers.

Regardless if we call it turnout gear, fire uniform, bunker gear or personal protective ensemble the care and maintenance of these garments are vital to the safety of a firefighter. This is why TurnoutGearWashing.com guarantees that all garments are to be washed, dried, and return shipped within a 72 hour timeframe.

TurnoutGearWashing.com works with fire departments across the country cleaning firefighter gear, rescue gear, fire equipment, protective clothing, turnout gear, fire gear, fire clothing, fire helmets, fire boots, rescue helmets, rescue equipment, bunker gear, fire supplies, fire fighting equipment, and fire gloves. Our fire store provides inspections, cleanings, repairs, and alterations to any and all fire equipment.

We also install firefighter decals, velcro enclosures, moisture barriers, custom pockets, reflective trim, hardware buttons, snaps, zippers, hooks, knee pads, shoulder pads, pad reinforcements and virtually any bunker coat and pant accessory.